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To participants of «International Exhibitions EXPO-2017 in Astana city»

Dear partners,

 «Elite Business Group» LLP a company with a 20-year history and successful experience in the human recourse’s market of Kazakhstan, is an official partner of «International Exhibitions EXPO-2017 in Astana city»

We are pleased to offer our professional services in human resource management and to provide for applicants a high quality international level service.

Elite is an exclusive representatives’ GI Group in Kazakhstan — the world’s largest holding company in the field of HR services, presented in 20 countries, 3 continents. GI Group have covered pavilions of participating countries in Expo Milan 2015 project. This allow us to prepare the best solutions based on previous successful experience of our partner.

Under Expo-2017 project, Elite offer a package of services in personnel management, which include:

  • HR function outsourcing complex – where the partners get the necessary quantity of chosen and trained personnel for the exhibition.

As and,

  • Range of services as follows:
  • Recruitment and personnel assessment
  • Personnel administration regarding national regulations
  • Payroll
  • Training
  • Personnel management
  • Providing of safety issues and others.

If you choose Elite, you get a professional, high-quality service and reliable, responsible partner.

Executive director                                                                                                         Oleg Parakhin

«Elite Business Group» LLP

Новости   To participants of  «International Exhibitions  EXPO-2017 in Astana city»


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