Кадровое агентство Elite - подбор персонала в Алматы и Астане. Рекрутинг

Today there is a paradoxical situation in the labor market of Kazakhstan: the mass of printed editions are full of announcements about hundreds of vacancies, electronic boards advertising the employment agencies also offer a dream job, but more and more unemployed people visually among the people around us. What is the reason?
Money up front
The financial uncertainty of recent years and, as a result, unemployment create a favorable background for impure businessmen who are trying to make money on human difficulties. One way to easily profit is the creation of pseudo employment agencies. Outwardly, they look like ordinary organization of this type, but their efficiency is often zero. The action scheme of unscrupulous «headhunters» looks something like this. People, who are looking for work are offered for money to deposit their data in an information system and they promise to provide a list of top vacancies just on the profile of the applicant.
Often even reported that this is some kind of secret, extended database that can’t be found in the public domain. The candidate regularly pays a certain amount, signs the contract and waits for proposals, but often does not receive a response to CV. When he comes to the agency, he demands explanations, but he is hands a list of potential employers and explain that his resume is in the database and the absence of feedback means only a mismatch with the requirements. They refuse to return the money because the contract clearly states that the applicant has paid for the «provision of information services», but no one gave guarantees of employment. Calling organizations from the list usually does not bring the desired result. Potential employers report that a person has already been accepted for this job or is no longer relevant. Either on the other side of the wire, the customer hears long beeps. The result — wasted money and the former status of the unemployed. To clarify the current situation on the labor market, GM turned to professional recruiters.
The general director of the recruiting company Elite Oleg Parakhin says that at present there are two different categories of labor intermediation in Kazakhstan. Professional recruiting companies and employment agencies: «Employment agencies take money from applicants and work on the principle of: pay, and we will provide you with information on available on the market vacancies of relevant qualifications. Recruiting companies adhere to the professional ethical code, regulating the relationship of three market participants: candidates, employers and recruiters. According to this code recruiting company in any form and under any circumstances doesn’t have the right to charge remuneration from applicants for their employment. So, if you require money to enter the database and provide any information about the vacancies be aware that you have applied to an employment agency that can’t guarantee an early finding of a job and is not related to professional recruiting. Today this model of labor mediation is dying out. Recruitment agencies work on the order of the employer:  if there is a demand for a specialist with the appropriate competencies — he will be immediately called and invited for an interview. 

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Компания Elite — одна из первых кадровых компаний на рынке Республики Казахстан, созданная в 1997 году, как структурное подразделение «Центрально-азиатского фонда системных исследований» с целью изучения кадровой элиты Казахстана, формирования базы данных и мониторинга ее образования и передвижения.
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